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Exploring the Osa Peninsula


The next day we worked our way back south to Puerto Jimenez with some side trips along the way to look for Costus. We went to a place in the lowlands along the Rio Barrigones where I found lots of Costus lima all along the river.  Someone had been busy with a machete.

Costus_lima-RioBarrigones-05r RioBarrigones01r
In closer to town we saw a dwarf form of Costus pulverulentus, very different from the compact ones I have seen in Panama and Colombia.  Once back home, Catherine and Reinaldo sorted through the plants that he had collected and Reinaldo showed his son Nilo a stick insect they had found.

IMG_0744r Reinaldo-Nilor
Ten years later, and you will see a much older Nilo on Reinaldo’s Facebook pages, still learning about plants and nature from his father.


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