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Orosi Valley

Friday, May 5th, 2006

My second day in the Orosi Valley I walked to the village of Rio Macho and then up a small mountain trail to the access road overlooking the valley.  Along that road, I saw Costus montanus, but not much else of any special interest.  The highlight of that day was the scenery, especially the views of the valley below.

OrosiValley-33 OrosiValley-40

Views of the Orosi Valley (At the end of my video clips you will see links to several other commercial videos with more information about the Orosi Valley.  It really is a nice area, not as often visited as some of the other tourist sites in Costa Rica.)

The Orosi Valley is well known for coffee growing, with many coffee fields on the steep slopes overlooking the valley.  When finally I was ready to return to Montaña Linda, I had to either backtrack or find some alternative route back down the mountain.  So when I could see the town of Orosi below, I simply guessed and worked my way down along a private driveway, then a trail that seemed to go in the right direction, through the coffee fields and back to the hostel.


Needless to say, I did make it back eventually.