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Rancho Mastatal – Part 2

 While I was out on the trails with Chepo looking for Costus, Karen was taking lots of photos of the new construction going on at the complex.

By Karen:

But back to Nature!

a16-CleanBanyo.JPG (83201 bytes)

El Banyo (the toilet).  This was the cleanest, best smelling latrine I’ve ever used.  And one of the few places in Costa Rica where you were supposed to put the toilet paper in the toilet.  Almost all other places, the waste paper goes in the “basuro” (basket), to be burned or composted, so it doesn’t back up the septic systems.

OK, OK, an interlude of real nature!!

k1-Waterfall_SpotsOnLense.JPG (59124 bytes)

Sorry bout the spots on the camera lenses.  Dave is standing downflow from a waterfall on the Rancho.

 The Rancho is over 300 acres, and includes land across the roadway.  Additional housing is being constructed bit by bit for the incoming visitors/volunteers/students.  A point of pride is the use of local materials as much as possible — bamboo and teak for the structural supports and other wooden needs, and cob (a mix of sand, straw, and dirt) for the walls.  A woodshop has been built on the premises, and much of the millwork for the bamboo and teak is done there, along with some beautiful craftsmanship is created there.  Other components are brought down from the town of Puriscal — hardware, roofing materials like clear waffle-weave fiberglass panels to provide skylights, screening, etc.

a01-Jeannies_Dorm.JPG (126532 bytes)

This is the largest dormitory, known as “Jeannie’s House”.

a02-ShowerAtJeannies.JPG (113480 bytes)The shower.  Water is solar heated via black barrels on the roof. a03-SinkAtJeannies.JPG (80755 bytes)The sink… and the friend in the background is just a fantastic painting on the wall.
 a04-BambooArtistry.JPG (135094 bytes)Artistry in bamboo — a walkway’s 90o turn.  d01-RanchoLumberMill.JPG (151306 bytes)Part of the Timo’s Lumber Mill.  d02-FutureCouchCraftmanship.JPG (92702 bytes)A couch under construction.

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