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Rancho Mastatal – Part 3

By Karen:

b01-PowerTransformer.JPG (122681 bytes)
Obviously, the Rancho uses electricity.  The main power source in Costa Rica is hydroelectric.  This is the equivalent to a transformer drop.
b02-TownOfMastatal_TransLines.JPG (89279 bytes)And up on the hills overlooking the town of Mastatal, you can see the transmission grid. b03-TerrainMastatal.JPG (143689 bytes)The terrain is pretty rugged here, but quite pretty.  This is an area where the rainforest has been cleared away.
e01-HankeyTreehouse.JPG (138267 bytes)
The terrain accounts for some of the ingenious design-work that visitors have crafted for the Rancho. The “Hankey House” (a.k.a. Tree House) was designed by an architect from England who stayed for six months and wanted to make a contribution to the community.
e02-HankeyDownstairs.JPG (135943 bytes)Downstairs sleeping area — open to the howler monkeys wailing away at night. Earplugs, anyone? e03-HankeyCraftmanship.JPG (98472 bytes)More craftsmanship examples.  Entrance to the second level.

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