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Rancho Mastatal – Part 5

By Karen:

f10-BagelsInBasket2.JPG (81142 bytes)Bagels in basket. f11-BreadFromOven.JPG (75421 bytes)Makes your mouth water, doesn’t it?  Sigh.  But I love fresh bread with butter, and butter is a luxury there.  Robin uses very little oils/fats in her cooking because it is not easy to come by — unless you want pig fat. Actually, they do use a lot of pig fat at the Rancho — Tim makes their soap from it.  Pretty nice stuff, too.
Timo and Robin used to live in the main house, having almost no privacy.  Their bedroom was their office, a storeroom, and a hallway into other storage add-on rooms.  They dreamed of a house of their own, and after more hard work, finally got one.  It is about 85% complete now, but they can at least sleep there — as little sleep as they ever have time for.
g01-Timorobins.JPG (123478 bytes) g02-Timorobins.JPG (89750 bytes) g03-Timorobins.JPG (55765 bytes)Note the “Phases of the Moon” motif in the circles on the upper wall.
h01LaCongreja.JPG (116377 bytes)This is LaCangreja Peak, and the view out T&R’s front porch. Their property ends at the first ridge line. h03LaCongrejaReturn.JPG (142893 bytes)And this is Dave, returning from his hike up Cerro LaCangreja to search for Costus in bloom — the only way to differentiate some species from the other. i01-PrettyHeleconia.JPG (89863 bytes)Heliconias, another member of the Ginger family, although not Costus, are very common here. To help one lady remember the name (Hi, Lynn!), we suggested the term “Hell of a Cognac”.

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