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To the place of little sun – Pocosol

By Karen:

To Pocosol, we go, we go. Pocosol is basically a ranger station for the “Children’s Eternal Rain Forest”. It was founded by school kids from around the world and the Monteverde Conservation League.
00-AirportToPocosolAndReturn.JPG (111987 bytes)Bus to Puriscal.  Bus to San Jose. To use the bathroom at the San Jose Bus Station, you have to pay someone.We eat breakfast at a lovely “Soda” (Cafe).  Beans, rice, eggs, and a “Pina” (tasty tasty pineapple drink). Finally get the rent-a-car, a four-wheel drive GEO Tracker.  Not a new vehicle, but the price was reasonable.  That should have been a warning.  Drive north (leftish route on map to the left), raining, car roof leaking and I use an umbrella to try and catch the water. And wonder what the squeaking noise means that is coming from the front right wheel area.

Adding my comments here:  The drive up the mountain to Pocosol was scary!  It was pouring down rain and getting dark, and once we left El Tigre and made it across a raging river on a narrow suspension bridge barely wide enough for even that little car, it got much worse.  Four wheel drive was absolutely essential.  That poor little Geo Tracker was climbing over huge rocks in the road and at one point the car veered into the embankment and got stuck.  I started rocking it back and forth and said a little prayer and gunned it.  Somehow we made it.  Little did we know our problems with that car were not over yet.

Up past LaTigre, and we find the “road” to Pocosol.  Rock and mud track is a better description.  We nearly get stuck beyond the capabilities of the four-wheel drive. And hoped that the grinding noise from the front right was just grit on the brake pad.b04-TrackRoadToPocosol.JPG (91481 bytes)(This picture is actually from the trip back down the mountain, but fits better here). 03-SadGEOTracker.JPG (114261 bytes)What  a relief to make it to the top, Pocosol Station..01-Pocosol_MontVerde.JPG (125554 bytes)
02-DormHouse.JPG (117292 bytes)This is the Dormitory we stayed in. 05-Bunkhouse1.JPG (70123 bytes)Our fabulous accommodations, complete with a cold-water shower and flush toilet. 04-Anteater.JPG (81969 bytes)And wildlife!!!  An anteater.

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