Dave Looks for Plants

Journal of a plant explorer



07-JuanDave.JPG (81388 bytes)This is Juan, the Park “Ranger”, our cook, and host during the stay.  He is a most patient man, working to help Dave with his Spanish, is very bright, and very caring about the environment of his country. 08-DiningAtPocosol.JPG (86714 bytes)Tried to get a bit of an example of the view out the dining hall door. Re his cooking, it was excellent, but a bit of a change of pace — going from vegetarian-low fat diet to one where everything was fried in margerine. 09-HugeCostus.JPG (178961 bytes)We hiked down a steep slope and around in a circular path back up to the “Estacion”.  Dave found an enormous Costus, nearly twice as tall as the ones of the same species he had seen before. And yes, this is what a Costus looks like.
16-Heliconia-DeeperOrange2.JPG (66532 bytes)I found this Heleconia rather nifty in that its colors were such a deeper shade of orange-red than the previous ones I’d seen. 17-BridgeOverFlowingWaters.JPG (82274 bytes)The bridges on the trail were a bit shaky. 19-TreeRoots.JPG (128395 bytes)Some of the bigger Primary Forest trees used the buttress-method to maintain stability.
20-MaybeOsprey-Highlighted.JPG (145031 bytes)I’ve circled a large bird we watched for a while — I think it was an Osprey. 20-Snake_NonVenemous.JPG (140202 bytes)Costa Rica has numerous venomous stakes, but luckily this one wasn’t — some of the venomous ones can kill you within minutes. 21-LakePocosol.JPG (111887 bytes)Laguna Pocosol is a bit of a mystery as to the basis behind its formation.  Volcanic crater, or just a depression?

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