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a01-HotelAmericanaDecorationInHeredia.JPG (76358 bytes)

The last night in Costa Rica, we stayed in a town near to San Jose, called "Heredia".  It is a very old town.  The "Hotel Americana", where we stayed, was a musty old place, but different.  It used to be a cinema some 50 years ago, and they use of the old projectors as decorations.

a04-ChuchAtHeredia.JPG (89502 bytes)

Church on the main plaza of town.  Bells rang every half hour, starting at 5:30 am.

a05-BuddhistgardenAcrossStreetFromChurchHeredia.JPG (155051 bytes)

Across the street from the church plaza is this garden with a statue of Buddha, and an odd octagonal tower.  Down the road were several school for embassies.

Church and that tower.
b03-HerediaSanJoseSoutherly.JPG (103440 bytes)

We were allowed up on the top floor of the hotel — normally closed in the day time because it was an open-air restaurant — so that I could take pictures.   

b01-HerediaSanJoseWestish.JPG (99973 bytes)

The viewscape is out westward toward San Jose.

b04-HerediaSanJoseWNW.JPG (85684 bytes)



b02-HerediaSanJoseNorthwestish.JPG (84864 bytes)

Northwestish, out toward Alajeula and the airport.

c-FarewellSanJoseAirport.JPG (64055 bytes)

And then it was farewell time.

Nice flight back to Atlanta.  Go through immigration and then customs.  Wait for the flight to Tallahassee.  Arrive home after midnight.
Afterthoughts:  In some ways, I only felt like I’d gone to south Florida — much of the vegetation was the same or very similar, or looked just like our yard since Dave has so many tropical plants.  Gingers, bromeliads, heleconias, bananas, ixoras, impatiens, hibiscus…….  And all the Spanish-speaking people.  But we are more fortunate, for the most part, here in the States.  It makes you grateful for the wealth we have.  A clothes dryer.  A nearby grocery store stocked with foods from all over the world.  A decent roof.  And my pets Teddye and Buster.

Welcome home.

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