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Rio Yacuambi

One of the main tributaries to the Rio Zamora watershed is the Rio Yacuambi which descends from the Andes in the northwest and flows in a southeasterly direction where it joins the Rio Zamora.    On Friday we went to explore that region, first turning north along the road to the community of Carmela and then walking a short way down a trail toward the community of Baranquilla.   Along this road we saw several beautiful full flowering plants of Costus amazonicus.  This species flowers either basally or terminally, but is easily distinguished from similar species by the bracts which have fibrous margins – not with clean, smooth edges as in other similar species.  The flower colors vary somewhat, and to me the most beautiful ones were the ones with darker pink corolla lobes.


IMG_2858-edited IMG_2844-edited


We then proceeded on up the main road along the Rio Yacuambi.  All along the way we saw many plants of the white flowering Costus ‘El Gato’ that I had first seen at Gualaquiza in 2007. 




And near the village of 28 de Mayo (listed on the map as “24 de Mayo”) we saw one with a pink colored labellum similar to my seedling ‘El Gato’ plant that I call ‘Pink Panther’.




We continued up into the mountains of the Cord. de Corconcilla and walked along a trail to about 1200 meters but did not see anything else of interest.

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